Thursday, March 6, 2008

Democrats Poised to Blow It

The U.S. election is very interesting, mostly for what is not new. We hear how this is a historic primary season, with the first truly viable women candidate, the first serious African-American candidate. Leave it to the Democrats to field them both at the same time, diluting their strength as they offset each other. Hillary Clinton is the candidate with the right experience for the position she seeks, but she struggles under the weight of her own baggage. Barak Obama is unqualified by virtue of his lack of experience for the position he seeks, and he struggles under the weight of that baggage.

That leaves the DNC with two very flawed candidates, both of whom will have huge problems trying to defeat McCain, and the DNC has nobody to blame but themselves.

What can we really expect from the party that blew the last two elections? Al Gore should have been a slam-dunk against Bush. Kerry should have easily defeated Bush. But both failed. Why is that?

A huge part of the blame falls on our antiquated electoral system, where huge chunks of the population is disenfranchised regularly. In an era when we have the technology to count every vote, the will of the people - as demonstrated through the popular vote of the past few elections going toward one candidate, only to be undermined by the electoral college handing the job to the one who got the least amount of votes.

This year, the choice between Obama and Clinton will probably come down to the super delegates - Americans who, by dint of being DNC bigwigs - get to vote TWICE, while the rest of us only vote once. Roughly eight hundred Americans will decide the candidate. Not the millions who have voted in primaries and caucuses, or will vote between now and Denver.

Florida and Michigan voters have already been screwed out of having their votes count.

This morning I heard talk radio callers lambast Clinton for having the audacity to mention Obama's lack of experience for the job, and blame being laid on her for spilling the beans. Hello? Do we not believe the Republicans *don't already know this*? Do they need Hillary Clinton to tell them he is a first term senator, one who hasn't convened the Afganistan oversight committee he has, theoretically chaired, since 2007, because he has been selfishly campaigning for the presidency? I think they figured THAT out already and are sharpening the knives as I write this.

Only now are people pondering whether Obama can stand up to the RNC attack machine. Let me make it easy for you - NO. He's never seen anything like it come at him. In the squirmish with McCain over Iraq, he was made to look foolish already. The cult of personality around him is vanishing on the wind and the hard reality of take-no-prisoners politics is gusting against his house of cards. If the RNC can make a decorated war hero like Kerry seem like a coward, they will have a field day with Obama.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the Democratics in Congress are preparing to roll over for Bush AGAIN on wire-tapping/spying on Americans. They were swept into power to end the war and have YET to take a stand and stick to it. They roll over and roll over, and are squandering the good will that elected them and undermining the Democratic presidential candidates, by once again being the Spineless Party.

If the DNC managed to actually see the writing on the wall and strong-arm the two candidates into joining on one ticket, they might - might - have a chance. But they instead expend their energies refusing to enfranchise Florida and Michigan voters by holding a revote that would COUNT. I got an email this morning from, and they are racheting up the anti-McCain machine, which is a total waste of time. That is dancing to the RNC tune - reacting instead of acting. Letting McCain define the issues.

But this is the DNC and they are afraid to get a little blood on their hands. McCains's supposed affair with the lobbyist has passed off the radar. He denied it and that was it. The RNC held a sitting president's feet to the fire and incited an impeachment proceeding over his affair. It reminds me of the old cliche, don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Guess who always, always, brings the knife?

The truth is, the enemy of the DNC IS the DNC. They don't have the will to do what it will take to win. I believe that Hillary would put Obama on her ticket, but he won't do it for her. He'll put some old white guy on there, to try to make it look like somebody has some experience - copying George W. Bush's homework, so to speak. And they will get crushed.

I expect to see a splintered Democratic Party, McCain Democrats, and that crazy old war vet being sworn in come next January.

I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

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These are interesting issues you bring up here...
Confusing ....but interesting.
Thank you for your insight.