Friday, March 7, 2008

Garden of Personas

The image here is from a relief sculpture done by Teresa Moorehouse Howley 13 years ago. It represents the many masks we wear, switching easily from one to the other. In the bush before her is a mask of a lion, symbolizing the fierceness we all need to embrace at times.

I am feeling fierce today about the way adults put their selfishness ahead of children. How they talk harshly to them, put them down - treat them as if they were adults capable of responding in kind. Or hit them, criminally using their larger size and the child's inability to fight back to crush their spirits. And worst of all - using them to satisfy their sexual desires. That is unforgivable but it happens every damn day to some sweet child who will never be the same again. The damage they do to these innocents sickens me.

When you see adults abusing children, through words or deeds, report them. Stand up for these kids. Don a fierce mask and do what is right.

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KerrdeLune said...

Willow, so happy to learn that you have started this place up and am also chuffed to be the first commenter here. I am going to add you to my list of inukshuks immediately. Love, Nokomis