Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama Blocking Revote

Sources in Michigan, according to CNN, say Obama is blocking a revote in that state. He seems to prefer disenfranchising voters there than taking a chance on what a revote might reveal about the eroding support for his campaign.

Perhaps he fears how his 20 year association with his mentor and spiritual advisor, Reverend Wright will play out at the ballot box. Video of the Reverend's anti-American rants have called into question Obama's judgment on many levels. He lied about whether he was even there for some of Wright's diatribes against the country Obama is seeking to lead!

Selfishly, he is barring the door for the Democratic voters of Michigan to get a revote.

Let's be clear on this. Obama chose to withdraw his name from that primary, to try to appease New Hampshire and Iowa. As did Edwards.

The Democratic candidates all agreed not to campaign there, but there was no joint agreement to withdraw from the ballot . He chose to remove his name, and the results should stand. Or there should be a revote.

The bottom line is that the delegates from Michigan and Florida must be seated at the Convention.

Hillary Clinton is working to make that happen. Obama stands in the way.

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