Monday, March 10, 2008

Scandal in Albany

Word just broke that the governor of my state was caught in an FBI wiretape investigation of an international prostitution ring. This is the same governor who spoke scathingly as if this kind of thing was just terrible when another prostitution ring was broken up under his watch. Now it seems Governor Spitzer, known to the FBI as "Client 9", will be resigning in disgrace. How can someone be so foolish? Is paid sex with a stranger really worth betraying you family and destroying your career?

Very smart people can make tragic decisions, because they fool themselves into thinking the rules don't apply to them. They won't be the ones who get caught. Nobody will know.

Perhaps the governor should have really considered what would happen if his extracurricular activities became known. Perhaps he should have realized that even a governor is just a john, if he's paying for sex.

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