Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Separate but Equal?

Last week, remarks made by Geraldine Ferraro were taken out of context and she was accused of being a racist. There were strident calls for the Clinton campaign to disavow her. Hillary Clinton spoke up quickly and forcefully that she rejected and repudiated racism. While it's clear that Ferraro was NOT making racist remarks about Obama, but drawing a parallel between her historic run in 1984 and his in 2008, she resigned from the finance committee so that the Clinton campaign could move on. Very classy.

The Obama camp has chosen a different approach with Reverend Wright, whose anti-American and white-bashing remarks over the years from his pulpit are boomaranging on his high profile parishoner. While Barak Obama has finally been forced to put a little distance himself and the man, Obama still defended him today in a major speech. Yes, he admitted, Wright bashed America. Yes, he admitted, Wright said racially insensitive things. And no, he declared, he would not abandon him because there is more to Wright than racism. Well, there is more to Eliot Spitzer than prostitutes, but that didn't work out so well for him last week.

Instead, Obama tried to frame this as a historical problem, the "race problem" of the U.S., and involve the rest of us. He wants to spin it away from his own 20 years of bad judgement and make it our fault.

I don't think so.

Obama sat in this man's church for 20 years and heard him speak against white Americans, America in general ("God Damn America" is one of the Reverend's remarks), blaming America for the spread of AIDS worldwide, and calling the attacks of 9/11 "chickens coming home to roost". If he wasn't present, he had to have known what his pastor was saying.

One would think that someone who did not agree with these kinds of incendiary remarks would not remain a member of Reverend Wright's congregation for 20 years. But Obama did. Not only that, he had the man perform his wedding and baptize his children!

Where is the outcry against this blatant racism? It's muffled but slowly rising, as the media, so in love with the charismatic Obama, struggles to realize that the object of their blind adoration has co-signed the racism and anti-American rhetoric of the man who he sat and listened to Sunday after Sunday, for the past 20 years.

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