Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Myopia of Women for Obama

Geraldine Ferraro was in the news this week, and that reminds all of us that she is the only woman EVER, in the 200+ year history of the USA, to appear on the ballot in the general election for president. She was the Vice Presidential Candidate in 1984.

It has been 24 YEARS since a woman has been on that ballot, and it had been 208 years of no women until she appeared.

Why is that? Why aren't women up in arms over the hammer-lock men have on the top spots of government? But we aren't. We are like sheep, willingly participating in our own disenfranchisement!

And it continues now with the lack of female support for Hillary Clinton. So many of us are under the Obama spell, buying the hype, telling ourselves that his candidacy is "different" because he is African-American. But he is STILL a man.

So, if Hillary is betrayed at the ballot box, as she surely will be, by women who are "voting their conscience", it will be at least another 4 years before women get another shot to see one of US in the White House doing something other than standing faithfully behind and smiling at "her man".

What about voting your conscience about how women are shut out of power? What about using the power of our vote - the meager power we only get every few years - to put an end to the fact that no women has EVER sat in the Oval Office in the history of our country? Why aren't women outraged by this? Why won't we break the spell?

We have the numbers, but we lack the will. We don't want to admit that we are STILL second class citizens in our own country, so many women will pretend they are equal. That they have the luxury of choosing between equal candidates, when this is patently false. So women who should want more for our country will vote, once again, for another man...

I won't be one of them.

If Obama is on the ticket *without* Hillary, I won't vote for him. I won't vote for anyone. I'm not afraid of a McCain presidency. See, there is nothing left to fear, after 8 years of the sorry Bush presidency. We've already had the worst and I am done voting for the status quo.

I actually want CHANGE!

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