Saturday, March 8, 2008

Up and Down

We make plans and then sometimes the Universe has other ideas. An ice storm overnight and through the day seemed to herald a day inside, warm and dry. But the phone rang, and my niece needed some help. She had bought a used couch and a coffee table, and needed our truck to transport them. Her ex had moved out the weekend before and taken everything that wasn't nailed down, whether it was his or not, leaving her with 2 chairs and a small table! So off we went in freezing rain to meet her. I found enough plastic to put over the couch, and we ran duct tape around it enough to keep the plastic down so the couch would stay dry. We also gave her two small stands, so the amount of furniture she had quadrupled today!

As much as we might not have wanted to venture off in the bad weather, it was the right thing to do. We all need to know that our family will help us when we ask. And it makes me feel good to be helpful to someone I love. Sometimes all it takes to go up again is to know that you are loved.

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