Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wild Spring

In the Northeast U.S., March means wild swings of weather. An ice storm over the past 24 hours brought down a lot of branches. The ice coated the branches, weighing them down, until the strain was too great, and they snapped and crashed to the ground. Each time we heard the snap, we sprang up to run to the window. And it was frightening because these big maples are near the house.

Our personal burdens can also weigh us down, until we snap and crash to the ground, if we let them pile up. We can find it hard to share our worries with another, yet it can be so freeing. Our culture says keep secrets, tell no one, buck up and take it. But the way of freedom is to instead shine light on our secrets. They lose their power in the light of day, just as the ice will melt in the sun's light and relieve the burden on the branches.

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