Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Babyboomer Skin Care

What? No political rant today?

I thought I'd be different and talk about the changing needs of our faces, women and men, as we hit middle age. The skin begins to thin, wrinkles show up from those years of smiling (I hope it's not from frowning!), and the face we've known for so many years begins to change.

Embrace that change because getting older is wonderful. It means we didn't die!

But take good care of that skin so that you don't have to look older than you are.

I found a line of products from Arbonne (www.arbonne.com) that I really love. I've never been one to have brand loyalty to any company, but after using the Nutrimin C RE9 for six months, the different has me sold. My skin is gorgeous.

Are the lines gone? No. But they are lessened. My skin is soft, glowing and healthy. I love the ritual of washing and putting on the toner, serum, and cremes. Takes only a few minutes and is so worth it.

If you'd like to talk Arbonne, leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

If you try Arbonne, and like it as much as me, stop back and say thanks!

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