Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Wins in PA

No one should be surprised that Hillary crushed Obama in the PA primary yesterday. One of these days the media and his groupies will have to wake up and realize that he isn't electable this time. Maybe in 4 years, if he actually takes his Senate seat and gets some experience. He can't carry the big states and against McCain and the Republican machine, he will get run over. Those who assume he is already the candidate need to wake up and face reality, and reality does not favor his chances to win in November.

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linda said...

well, willow, that's for sure...if he would just step back and even consent to be a running mate to hillary, but ego will not stand for that!!! I am beginning to think he is an intellectual fool.....

but I am also afraid, if this keeps up, mccain is going to get in...sheesh

love, linda sky