Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Review of "Wicked"

I posted the following at today, after a disappointing time spent with this book...

1.0 out of 5 stars
Boring and unimaginative
April 23, 2008

I kept waiting for it to start. Ponderous and wandering beginning that introduced too many characters, and a quagmire of subplots that go absolutely nowhere. All the emphasis on politics and no payoff at all for the time wasted on it. The Oz of the book is so foreign to that of the film, that when the author tried to merge the two, it was just a mess. The explanation for the flying monkeys was lame. The Witch was a patchwork character, part monster (born with teeth, melt with water) part human (empathy, emotion) and the two parts had no relation to each other. She had no real power, unlike in the film. The caricature (I can't call it a character) of Dorothy was like a clanging bell - portrayed so differently from Garland's character as to be unrecognizable as the same person. After the self-indulgence of 5/6ths of the book, the author tried to knit the two stories together at the end and failed miserably. I skipped HUGE chunks of the book just to skim to the end (and honestly, missed nothing of importance - just more subplot and minor characters that go nowhere {golden carp anyone?}) to see if there was a payoff. There wasn't. Don't waste your money. Rent the movie instead.

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KerrdeLune said...

Oops.... I guess I won't be ordering this one any time soon. Nokomis