Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Wright Stuff

“I think he’s the weaker candidate, and I’ve thought that for over a year now,” NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) said at a briefing on Monday. “He’s very inexperienced. He is by any definition liberal and to the left of Hillary Clinton, and he will give us plenty of ideological divisions to work with.”

With Reverland Wright making big news this week - and blowing huge holes in the Obama campaign - even the corporate-owned media has begun to wake up and see what has been obvious to the RNC at least, and to 50% of the Democratic party, for the past 18 months. Obama is not electable in November.

He cannot escape the serious questions about 20 years of pew-sitting judgment that follow in the wake of every crazy word out of his former pastor's mouth.

Even though some superdelegates are still moving, lemming-like, in his direction, soon they too will have to face the truth. Their caucus-winning, primary-losing candidate couldn't close the deal and he can't deliver the presidential election. If the DNC gives him the nomination, Obama will be defeated by John McCain, and considering what a crank McCain is, that's rather sad to contemplate.

Hillary Clinton stands a very good chance of beating McCain. She leads him right now in the polls. She wins primaries and she wins the states that must be won this fall. She has the experience and the will.

The ticket to the Clinton/Obama ship that some are now calling for as a means to unite the party has, unfortunately for Obama, sailed long ago. He would be a horrendous liability to Hillary's ticket, and she'd be crazy to consider him.

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