Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daily Kos Blogger's Strike

Seems Alegre, who has been blogging at Daily Kos for 4 years has finally had enough abuse for supporting Hillary Clinton and called for a writer's strike at the well known blog.

Alegre, I stopped reading Daily Kos 4 months ago, when the venom against Clinton and the hero worship of Obama became so entrenched that trying to find decent commentary amidst the bullying was not worth my time and effort. Who needs that level of verbal violence in their life?

The wrath of the Obama supporters is really ugly to experience. I've stopped talking about this election with several friends who are so bedazzled by him that they cannot even entertain the possibility that he may have any flaws. They excuse everything - from 20 years at Wright's church, to dismissing a woman reporter with the term "sweetie", to his long association with a domestic terrorist - and seem to think those of us who aren't supporting his candidacy don't have a grasp on "what is at stake" in this election.

Good for you, Alegre. Hang as tough as Clinton has because you'll need to do so. I see you are being pummeled by other bloggers - getting the same hate-filled treatment Senator Clinton has put up with for a year and a half. It's ugly and it is misogyny. In our culture, it's still okay to be a rabid woman-hater.

It makes me sick.

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