Thursday, May 1, 2008

Inevitable Defeat

With serious doubts (finally, reluctantly) raised about Obama's

1. electability
2. judgment
3. losing primaries in "must win" states come November
4. inability to finish off Hillary Clinton
5. ability to understand working class people
6. refusal to take responsibility for his mistakes
7. slowness to respond to problems
8. blind ambition
9. recanting stories told in his own books
10. lack of credentials for the presidency
11. elitist attitudes
12. willingness to disenfranchise Florida and Michigan

and the glee with which Republicans are preparing for him, a few Superdelegates are still moving in his direction.

If this weak candidate is given the Democratic candidacy, the Democratic leadership will have themselves to blame when he loses spectacularly this November.

The "inevitability" argument we are hearing seems to be a resignation that, as flawed and damaged as he is, because he got 100 or so more delegates through the crazy DNC system, that makes him the "winner".

No, that makes John McCain the winner.

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