Saturday, May 10, 2008

A New Archetype for Women and Power

Here is a link to an article by Susan Faludi that takes a step above the individual involved, to the archetypal level, and looks at Clinton's candidacy, and why her appeal among Democratic voters, and white men in particular, has increased over the course of this long campaign.

Faludi makes the excellent case that it is not for the reasons the press says - inherent racism bubbling to the surface. Instead, she talks about the sports analogy that runs all through male culture, and how Hillary portrays a different archetype of the women of power that appeals to those who see the world through that cultural lens. Hillary's candidacy can be a blueprint for the women who will follow her.

This is a historic campaign for women in U.S. history. Hillary's candidacy has turned the old ideas about women in politics upside down and done those who follow her a service those value will only be appreciated in retrospect. I believe women who pass on the opportunity to support the first viable female candidate for U.S. president will one day regret their shortsightedness.

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