Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The New Democratic Frontier

I feel like the ugly duckling who has suddenly found herself in the company of swans. It's taken me some time to find people out there who share my concern that the candidate with the best chance of beating McCain should be the Democratic nominee.

More important, I find they are talking about the very things I am thinking, and that there is a movement afoot that may shake the Democratic Party to its core. They are talking about the problems with the process as being chief among the issues facing the Democratic party in this nomination process. They are also talking about the media bias toward Obama. They are talking about the irrational Clinton hatred that demonizes Hillary and Bill for no reason other than that they are Clintons. They are talking about the rampant sexism that the mainstream media and certainly the Democratic Leadership absolutely refuses to acknowledge.

And they are talking about becoming political activists and sending a strong message to the Party. They are talking about not returning "home", but instead standing by their convictions, regardless of what effect it might have on the Democratic Party as a whole. The Party wants our votes - needs our votes - but this time it needs to deserve them.

Governor Richardson said Tuesday that he expects it will take some time after a candidate is chosen, but that the Party will heal and those whose candidate does not win the nomination will eventually "come home" to the Party in November.

But I see people waking up and realizing that it makes no sense to vote for a party that doesn't serve its members.

And, there are Democrats who have not even contemplated how they would feel or what they would do if their candidate is not given the nomination. They are so confident he will get it, based on delegate math... They don't want to look at what SHOULD really count in such a close contest - electoral math. Their candidate has already lost to Clinton on that score.

Need to see some hard numbers?

Clinton vs. McCain - Clinton landslide

Obama vs. McCain - nobody gets enough electoral votes and the Supreme Court decides again.

The Party should decide that it is more important to defeat McCain but I have little confidence that they will do the right thing. We've already had 8 years of Bush, so there really isn't anything left to scare us with. I voted for Gore, and that election was stolen. I voted for Kerrey and that election was stolen. I voted for Clinton this primary season and, well ask Michigan and Florida how that went for them...

So there are Democrats who are waking up on a New Democratic Frontier, or who will find themselves thrust rudely there shortly. That should make Democratic Party leadership very, very nervous..

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