Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No Clear Victor Yet

Yesterday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina showed that the demographic groups that support Clinton voted for her and those that support Obama voted for him. The push will be ever harder for Clinton to withdraw and leave the field open for Obama.

Yet Florida and Michigan votes remain ignored and their delegates shut out of the nomination process. Obama continues to have a hand in disenfranchising those voters.

I believe the DNC will feel it has no choice but to give the nod to Obama. And I believe Hillary Clinton will fulfill her promise to work to unite the party behind him if that is what happens.

I can't join her in that effort and I think many Democrats will feel the same way. I don't believe he is qualified for the job and I won't vote for not-McCain this time. I'd rather stay home than cast a vote for a candidate I don't respect, trust or believe, and that is how I feel about Obama.

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