Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Broken Campaign Promises - Money

I won't even get into the FISA flip-flop, or the bone thrown to a Jewish audience about Jerusalem that was 24 hours later "clarified" as not being what he meant at all. Others are tracking the broken promises. I just want to talk about the money!

Obama reneged on his campaign promise to accept public money. He says it is to let "small donors" own his campaign. I guess small donors like Steven Spielberg, Don Cheadle, Dennis Quaid, and Cindy Crawford. You know, *small donors*... People who can afford to pay $28,500 for dinner and then pony up $2,300 to attend a reception. THOSE small donors.

That's the annual income of many of the people Barak needs to have vote for him in November!

Seal headlined the gathering at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion (yes, where they give out the Oscars) while "Donors sipped wine and bottled water. Waiters wearing black vests, white shirts and black ties served hors d'oeuvres: endive spears of brie, toasted almonds and truffle oil; tuna tartare with passion fruit ponzu and macadamia nut on wonton crisp; beef short rib skewers with Asian flavors." (L.A. Times)

"Senator Obama's reversal raise fair questions about the sincerity of his campaign promises -- and even about the decency of spending so much money -- maybe 6 times what his opponent will have -- at a time when thousands of Americans are losing their homes and the price of food is becoming difficult to afford." - Scott Simon, NPR, June 24, 2008

This week Obama has asked his deep pocket contributors to help pay off Clinton's campaign debt. Considering that he outspent her exponentially, reminiscent of the Reagan Cold War strategy of spending the USSR into bankruptcy, and considering that she has kept her campaign promise to support him, this is the correct move. Let's not forget that she crushed him at the polls while he was doing this!

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