Monday, June 23, 2008

False Fear Over Supreme Court

Shortly after Obama was selected, the rhetoric heated up about how we need a Democrat in the White House to "protect" Roe v. Wade. A GOP president would name conservative judges and abortion rights would be lost. No self-respecting woman should take that chance, give up the rights fought for years ago, yada yada yada...

We won't get diverted by the fact that so many women refused to back a woman Democrat for the top job. Oh no, we won't go there!

Instead, I will let Riverdaughter explain The Roe Ruse.

The bottom line is that there are already enough conservative judges in the Supreme Court to overturn Roe.

So don't fall for the fear mongering. A vote for inexperience does not equal a vote for women's rights. Particularly when said candidate just supported Bush's right to wiretap and give immunity to those in cahoots with him. Don't worry though, Obama's gonna fix that when he's President. I guess that's how you excuse the flip flop from your January position of being opposed to immunity, but six months later supporting the bill that grants it.

I'm more worried about THAT.

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