Monday, June 9, 2008

The Last Word

Hillary Clinton gave a classy speech on Saturday, doing exactly what she said she would do - endorse Obama if she was not selected by the Democratic leadership as its candidate in the General Election.

I sent the following to Senator Clinton today.

"Dear Senator Clinton,

I admire you tremendously for the gracious speech you gave this weekend in suspending your campaign. You kept your promise to Obama, and I respect your integrity in doing so.

But I cannot follow your lead.

I cannot and will not vote for him in November. He is unqualified for the job. I question his judgment in regards to Trinity Church and his 20 year association there, and other questionable associations he has made. I question his leadership - because all I've seen is a lack thereof. He demonstrated an inability to make tough decisions until there was no other option open except his own defeat. I question his crazy ideas about meeting with dictators and terrorists. That is not presidential material, and I won't vote for someone who just isn't ready for the job, and probably never will be. We don't need another learn-on-the-job president. We've had 8 years of that.

I also cannot support the Democratic Party because of the actions of its leadership. The Party bungled this primary contest, disenfranchising Florida and Michigan, giving delegates to Obama in a state where he took his own name off the ballot, stealing four of yours to give to him. Superdelegates who had pledged support to you abandoned you, and that shows a contemptible attitude of throwing loyalty out the window so they can be standing on the "winning" ship.

This primary felt like 2000 all over again.

I am tired of hearing your supporters branded racists because we didn't vote for him. I am tired of being told I don't understand "what is at stake" when it is not me who squandered this opportunity - it is the Democratic Party and its historic and ingrained penchant to self-destruct. They are the ones who ignored what is at stake, and it is my firm hope that they get the message from 18 million voters who got it right.

Most personally, and most distressing, I simply cannot condone their deafening silence while you were slammed and pounded by sexist rhetoric from the other candidates and the media. You were treated abysmally and so few were willing to call it what it was. Those who did, got the same treatment.

If the Democratic Party is willing to field the weakest candidate, who lost the popular vote, and has character, judgment, and qualification problems hanging over his head, that is their business.

But it is not mine.

Frankly, I believe Obama will implode before November, so I am glad you are "on call" to step in and clean up the mess the Party has made.

But if he makes it to the ballot in November, he will not get my vote.

With respect and admiration for your historic campaign and for you personally,


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