Friday, June 13, 2008

Obama Campaign Swallows the DNC

In an unprecedented move, the Obama campaign has swallowed up the Democratic National Committee, moving the remains of its structure to Obama headquarters in Chicago. Obama's staff will coordinate the national campaign as well as state-wide efforts. DNC staffers have a "choice" to move to Chicago or, basically, get lost.

What does this mean for Howard Dean, architect of the disaster that was the Democratic primary and the splintered remains of the Party? The man who pushed for Obama from the start, circumvented party rules, strong-armed superdelegates, and turned a blind eye to the bludgeon of sexism that kept swinging at Hillary Cinton's head?

The old DNC would like us to believe Dean is still a player, but Obama staffers question his organization and his 50 state strategy, that has all but left the DNC broke. I predict he will be marginalized, just as he has most certainly been emasculated by this move.

I love it! Nothing like splintering the Party, then splintering the Party apparatus. Sounds like a winning strategy from Obamaland.

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