Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Acceptance Speech, Revival Style

Ignoring the tradition of accepting the nomination at the Convention itself, Obama wants to revisit his campaign Revival roots and be surrounded by 75,000 swooning fans at Invesco Field for his speech. I guess he misses the circuses he used to ringlead, where people screamed and fainted over his inspiring words.

And where any opposition would be invisible and unheard in the press of people, while only his face on the jumbo-tron and his words over the PA would be visible and audible.

The Democratic Party wrote me today to say that if I give them money, I could be one of 10 "lucky" people to win a 2 day trip to Denver, meet the O man himself, and join the press at the Obamapalooza in the stadium.

No thanks.

Cartoon and commentary can be enjoyed at No Quarter

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