Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anniversary of First Women's Rights Convention

This weekend marks the anniversary of the First Women's Rights Convention, held not far from here, at Seneca Falls, NY.

160 years ago, women were meeting to work toward getting women the right to vote. It is inconceivable to women today that there was a time, not so long ago, when we could not legally vote!

Those women who fought for this right for us suffered greatly. Arrests. Forced feedings to defeat the only tool available - hunger strikes.

This year we saw Hillary Clinton make history. She won more popular votes than the man who has been given the nomination. She won primaries - plural - when, before New Hampshire, no woman had won a primary EVER. She won by landslides at the end of the primary season, when her challenger was already crowning himself the winner.

She faced an onslaught of sexism and woman-hating that was vicious beyond words. And she never publicly wavered.

She carries on in the best traditions of the Suffragettes and she is still my choice for President of the United States.

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