Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hillraiser Lynn de Rothschild Spells it Out

...on Fox News. A cogent, clear, and thoughtful discussion of how Pelosi and Dean have lead the Democratic Party into such massive division.

Visit her website to sign the Pledge of Togetherness. There is more than one way to unify Democrats and that is to make sure that what happened this primary season never happens again. It was unfair to both candidates, because of the terrible situation the Party faces today.


On Saturday, June 7, 2008, Hillary Clinton suspended her historic campaign for President. To her 18 million voters, it may have seemed like an end, but we pledge to make it a beginning… a beginning of a movement to achieve the democratic and just country that Hillary has envisioned for America.

Hillary has spoken out for citizens who are too often invisible – children, the poor, the elderly, the working and middle class. She has spoken out and worked hard for universal health care, a strong economy, a clean planet, a stellar education system, an end to the war in Iraq and a sound foreign policy. She has built a broad and dedicated coalition of supporters and has energized millions of new voters – most notably women.

We stand together with her 18 million voters in pursuit of all of the following:

* Bring us together by honoring Hillary Clinton and her supporters at the Democratic National Convention in Denver by:
1. Placing her name into nomination (following traditional protocol)
2. Ensuring a roll-call vote
3. Inviting her to speak, during prime-time, on August 26th, the 88th anniversary of Women's Suffrage
* Bring us together by adoption of policies on the Platform Committee that Hillary Clinton has championed.
* Bring us together through reform of the primary and caucus system to reflect the basic principle of one person - one vote.
* Bring us together through outspoken denunciation of all gender bias, racism and other forms of discrimination.
* Bring us together by making a concerted effort to retire her campaign debt.

We are being asked to embrace Party Unity without the fair representation of Hillary Clinton and her 18 million voters. Party Unity requires bilateral action. We ask Barack Obama and the DNC to respond.

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KerrdeLune said...

June 7th was a sad day, and I don't think I am over it yet - odd when you stop to consider that I am a Canadian and may cast no vote south of the 49th parallel.

The pledge of togetherness is a splendid thing, and it is heartening to think of this as a new beginning, as the doorway to a better, brighter (and hopefully) more just future.