Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Howard Dean Oversees Disaster Part II

While Dean and the DNC was busy blowing up the Democratic primary process and splintering the party, the planning for the Convention in Denver crashed and burned... From the New York Times

Where to start?

Color-coded food?
Caterers unwilling to get involved with such silly requirements?
Contracts still not negotiated?
$6 million over budget on building out the Pepsi Center?
Posh office space at $100K a month?
Turning off corporate donors with misinformation about tax exempt status?
Attempt to "go green" going down the drain?
$11 million behind in "anticipated" fund-raising?

It is a huge mess that Obama has inherited and he's got his people in Denver now to sort this mess out. I'm delighted for them.

And because this is the Democratic Party, expect ol' Howard to remain in charge, because incompetency is rewarded in the DNC.

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