Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Say No Deal's Goals

Marilu Socher and Paula Abeles of Real Democrats on Cavuto, explaining what the Just Say No Deal Coalition is all about. The message is slowing getting out that the outcome of this election is secondary to taking back the Democratic party from the liberal left that has hijacked it. It is anathema to Democratic Party values for its leadership to fix a primary outcome, as they have, and to allow the entire DNC to be folded into the Obama campaign.

The current Democratic party leadership has sacrificed its members votes to put forward a liberal agenda that does not resonate with core Democratic party members. And they are seeking to put forward an inexperienced candidate who has become the wedge that has divided the party.

Just Say No Deal members don't care if the Democrats lose this election. That's how serious we are to reclaim the Party.

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