Monday, July 14, 2008

New Yorker Satire...

... or uncomfortably accurate portrait of how a good portion of the U.S. seems the Obamas?

The Obama (and McCain) campaigns denounced the cover art as offensive. Yet isn't it interesting that the Obamas are the ones who chose to have former Weathermen members as friends and neighbor? And isn't it interesting that Obama was registered as Muslim and attended Muslim schools as a child, but vehemently denies it today? What's the big deal? Why go to such lengths to deny your own heritage?

She's made comments about not loving the country until her husband's campaign, and he refused to wear a flag pin (now of course he drapes himself in the flag regularly...). And of course there is that unfortunate 20 year history of association with Reverand Wright and his anti-American and racist rants from the pulpit...

The Obamas are very uncomfortable with their past, with what he chose to do to get ahead in Chicago politics. They want us to accept the airbrushed version presented so carefully to us in books and speeches. But they both slip up and show us who they really are, that the carefully crafted stage image is an illusion.

Is this cartoon indicative of their true character? Of course not. But it didn't come out of nowhere, and that is the problem they both face as we inch closer to November, and Americans have to decide if they really can trust the fate of our country to them.

I know I can't do that.

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