Friday, August 22, 2008

He is that dumb...

Earlier this week:

“I don’t think he’s that dumb,” said Nader, commenting on widespread speculation that Obama’s choices are down to Senators Joe Biden or Evan Bayh, or Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. The smart pick, according to Nader, is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So the day before Obama ends the quasi-suspense and names the white guy he has chosen to run with him, I will go on record and say that, yes, he IS that dumb.

He can't do the one thing that will unite the party and *guarantee* him a victory in November. He is that afraid of the Clintons. This is yet further proof , as if we needed any, that his desire is to be the president, not to serve the best interests of the Democratic party or the country.

So he will once again insult her and her unparalleled success this past primary season, and choose either some also-ran or some never-ran.

Don't misunderstand me. I don't WANT him to ask her. I don't want her anywhere near this trainwreck. I want her free and clear to run in 2012, against McCain.

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