Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Historic Obama

The presumptive nominee's poll numbers are dropping in the days before the Party's convention opens. Saturday he announces his VP pick. I am praying it is not Hillary Clinton because I don't want her attached to this sinking ship.

As mainstream America looks at this inexperienced nominee, as the lies are exposed, the blurring of his personal history is brought into focus, and he has to stand in the same spotlight as real DNC heavyweights, like the Clintons and Al Gore, Mr. Charisma may find that his lofty words cannot disguise how little substance is behind them.

Will the DNC wake up and put the best candidate forward while there is still time? If the superdelegates really did their job and served the purpose for which they were created, Hillary Clinton would leave the Convention as the nominee.

But the DNC has no track record of doing what is in the best interests of the party. They feel obligated to the dead weight at the top of the ticket, and they will stick with him all the way to McCain's inauguration.

My sister said this weekend "I can't believe you aren't supporting the Democrats". So I explained to her why I AM supporting the Democratic Party, by sticking to the ideals and values that should be guiding the choice of nominee.

I won't sell out. I'd rather be part of the revolution that sweeps Dean, Brazille, and their cohorts out of power, even if it means four years of John McCain.

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