Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wasted, wasted...

Senator Clinton delivered a powerful and persuasive speech last night, urging those of us who dislike and distrust Obama to unite behind him anyway, so that a Democrat can win the White House. I am sure she has convinced many of her former supporters to do just that.

I was convinced, again, although it was never in doubt, that the Democratic Party is nominating the wrong person... I suspect many others who watched and listened feel the same way today.

That she is not on the ticket and Biden is sends a clear message to Democrats of the decision-making ability of Obama.

From the jarring insertion of a picture of Obama by his bus during the video tribute to Hillary, to the shots of Michelle scowling during Hillary's speech, the disconnect was jarringly real. I think this Obama-campaign-designed sign sums it up:

An "Obama-nation"...

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