Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feminist for Women - What a Concept!

Wake up Gloria Steinem. You are not the last word in Feminism. There are many of us who want to see women assume their rightful place in this country. We are not one-issue people, who jump Left every time Roe v Wade is invoked in ominous tones. We are women who care about women, and we want to vote *for women*.

Dr. Lynette Long, feminist and Democrat is supporting the only mainstream party ticket with a woman on it, and I"m cheering her on.

Read also A Feminist's Argument for McCain's Running Mate".

Democratic women who voted for Obama in the primaries have themselves to blame if the first woman VP is from a party they detest. They wouldn't support a woman who stands up for women's rights, instead voting for a man who I predict will spurn them the moment he is sworn in. My hope is that he is defeated because I fear the narcicissm of 4 years of Obama more than I fear 4 years of McCain.

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Anonymous said...

Sad. Sarah Palin is no friend of women. Not every woman is a feminist.
Sarah Palin is the narcissist.