Monday, September 8, 2008

Get Olberman off "Football Night In America"

I just sent the following to NBC Sports

I was disappointed to see Keith Olberman still on the set of "Football Night in America". He has become the liberal version of Rush Limbaugh of NBC and MSNBC. His personal agenda throughout the political campaign this year has been an embarrassment to your New bureau, and has seriously damaged its credibility, both nationally and internationally. His name is synonymous with destructive sexist commentary and blind partisanship.

To have such a divisive figure on a sports program makes no sense. Get rid of him before he does to FNiA what Limbaugh did to the crew of "Countdown". It took them a long time to live down the inexplicable decision of putting a political pundit with such baggage on their otherwise well regarded program.

I like FNiA but I simply cannot watch Olberman.

Janis Strope
Ithaca, NY

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree that guy is annoying and spews hatred.