Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin Delivered

I thought Governor Palin's speech last night was brilliant.

Yes, the speech was written by someone else, which I have no problem with because most/ all of them have speechwriters, whose job it is to craft the campaign message into compelling words. So whoever wrote it, accomplished that purpose for the campaign, IMO.

Her delivery - she put the emphasis where it was intended, and really fired up the crowd. She paused in the right places, used her facial expressions to emphasize things and, as a public speaker, I'd give her an A.

She did exactly what she was expected to do, as the VP candidate, which is exactly what they always do - attack the other ticket in ways the top of the ticket tries to avoid having to do. She took her shots at the Dems, as they have at her, and that is the nature of the electoral beast.

I thought it was courageous of her pregnant daughter to be there, and of the boyfriend for being at her side. Seeing her son there, who deploys to Iraq next week, I thought of the moms all over the U.S. (and the dads too) who have held their breaths while their own children were in such places.

When McCain came out, and I realized (since I haven't seen him much on TV over the years) how limited he is in his ability to raise his arms, after the years of torture so long ago. I felt empathy for him, and for all he went through during Viet Nam.

Now, I haven't read the spin yet or listened to the talking heads on TV either, but my prediction is that the Republicans and the media that lean that way loved it, and the Democrats supporting Obama and the media that lean that way hated it :-)

My personal observation about her was, looking at her eyes, and how she speaks, how she moves her body and the confidence she shows, that she is a strong willed person, who stands up for what she believes. I do not have to agree with her beliefs to admire that quality.

I think what the Dems are choking on the most, although they would never admit it, is that they have, once again, fielded a very weak ticket, and now they are paying the price for it. McCain has chosen someone that has energized the Republicans and united the party. It will be an interesting last few months.

Photo from AP

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