Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Smell the Coffee

With election day on the horizon, and Obama's numbers rising in the polls, I'm resigning myself to a possible Obama presidency. I guess if we can (barely) survive 8 years of Bush, 4 years of Obama might not destroy us utterly.

He's getting voters registered in huge numbers, and while these kool-aid drinkers will vote for him in November, the numbers bode well for Democrats in the future.

I don't trust him. His judgment is poor and his track record in public life is thin, and often based on lies. He is naive in foreign affairs and embarrassed us as a nation during his ego trip to Europe. I see unbridled narcicissm and cold ambition, and that scares me more than McCain's age.

All of those under his thrall, I wish you luck. If he is elected, he will desert you, as he did with FISA and campaign financing. Like those who suppported Bush, your wake up call will be long and painful.

I am voting Republican this year because my party has fielded a candidate who makes McCain look like the best option in a choice between bad and worse.

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