Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why Dems Lose

I post something with this heading quite frequently, because it's so easy to see the Dems handing this election off to the GOP.

When the Palin announcement was made, I told my Republican friend that I would be very curious to see if the GOP would stand up for her when the sexist smears started.

Wow, have they ever... From Newt Gingrich to Rudy Guliani, to any GOPer who gets a microphone put in front of their face, they are lambasting the press for their predictable wallow in sexism.

And the press is in shock. They had free run at Hillary and Ferraro and the Dems sat mutely by, as they always do. But try that crap on a GOP woman and the GOP will hand your arm back to you after they've ripped it off and beat you with it.

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