Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You Won't Find Palin Under McCain's Bus

As a registered Democrat, it is frustrating, but not unexpected, to see the GOP surge ahead of us, with the Palin pick. Who knew they'd become the progressive party?

Say what you will about her, as a woman, I applaud this choice.

Because, as a woman, I am disgusted by Obama passing over the best qualified VP candidate and choosing a loser like Biden.

Watching the GOP rally around Palin, defend her, and embrace her, I can't help but wish my own party, which *should* be the party of inclusion, would do the same for its women. But it doesn't.

I've seen no Republicans this week step before a camera to insult her, as happened to Hillary time and again. I've seen no Republican leaders pull their support for McCain, as happened to Hillary time and again. And to Geraldine Ferrero as well, who was falsely accused or racism, and her party did nothing to defend her.

I have seen them take on the press and the Obama Party (which is really what the Democratic party has become - at least for the next few months) and do so with gusto.

They have embraced her daughter's pregnancy, pooh-poohed ideas that she doesn't have enough experience (she has more executive experience than Obama and Biden, who have NONE), and I don't expect that commitment to their party's choice to change.

They ran a clean primary and while some GOPers may not be wildly excited about McCain, there were no backroom deals or disenfranchising of voters done to hand him the nomination. He won it fair and square.

The Democratic Party could learn something about loyalty from the Republicans. But I doubt they will.

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Anonymous said...

Three weeks later, have you seen your beloved, open-minded GOP apparatchiks denigrate Gov. Plain enough yet? McCain still wants her on the ticket, but pretty much everybody else on the right side of the spectrum has admitted she was a bad choice and is embarrassed by her. Whereas Biden has at least acknowledged that Hillary might have been a better choice than him (I happen to think Obama and Hillary just plain don't get along well enough to run a good campaign together, let alone the White House).

But the ironing here is delicious.