Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bella Abzug's Dream Realized!

If Palin is as underqualified as the liberal handwringers insist, then the late Bella Abzug's goal of working for the day when "a mediocre woman could get as far as a mediocre man" has come true!

However, Governor Palin is anything but mediocre, and that is what scares women who looked down their noses at feminists before, but now find that the model of what it means to be a feminist has shifted radically. And into someone who looks and talks like many of us.

Feminists slam Palin because they realize she embodies the values of mainstream women far more than Gloria Steinem ever did. Mainstream women don't want to have a monologue with their vaginas. They want to have good schools for their children, to be able to afford groceries, and make the house payments. They have kids with special needs and teenage children. They shop at consignment stores and buy diapers at Walmart.

There is room for all sisters in the feminist universe we will create in the 21st Century. There has to be, or we will get nowhere. We've only had the vote for about 100 years and we've done nothing with it but continue to put men into power over us.

We must embrace all kinds of women and stop saying one kind or another isn't the right kind. We are all the right kind.

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