Monday, October 20, 2008

Buying the Presidency? Not working!

It's probably been done before, but never as obviously or stunningly, as this election cycle, has someone attempted to buy the U.S. presidency. I'm not the only one to think this.

Obama has raked in nearly half a billion dollars in donations. No one seems to care where this money is coming from. Just as ACORN is registering dead people, the Obama campaign is logging donations from folks like Mr. Good Will...

He has spent this astronomical fortune on a media blitz the likes of which we have never witnessed. 50,000 more commercials than John McCain. On October 29 he will be airing a 30 minute prime time infomercial for himself. On Dish Network, he has his own channel that broadcasts BHO 24/7. He is flooding the airwaves with his face and name.

As a registered Democrat, I get emails from the Obama campaign nearly every day, asking me for money.

Obama broke his promise to use public financing when his greed took over, banishing his integrity. He became the only candidate to opt out of the public financing system since it's inception, post Watergate, to limit the corrupting influence of money on political campaigns, Obama is free to do whatever he wants with these donations.

His propaganda machine is on maximum in these final days of the campaign. The Obama brand is being sold massively. Obama, the man, remains out of view. But Americans aren't stupid.

McCain has narrowed the gap in most polls, putting that gap within the range of statistical difference. In other words, they are in a virtual tie!

Remember, Hillary kicked Obama's ass in primaries where he outspent her 3 to 1 in advertising. He was rejected soundly, by landslide margins in the late primaries. The majority of voters in his own party voted against him!

Americans don't like his level of naked ambition or the kind of thug-style politics he engages in. We reject Madison Avenue hard sell techniques when it comes to our leaders. This force-feeding of Obama will turn off the undecideds, because we don't want to trust our nation's future to someone who thinks he can buy the job.

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