Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cluess Naval Gazing from MSM

What important campaign "issue" is the MSM blathering about today? Two words, used in the debate - "that one". Like it is some kind of code, or secret slander, or sign of dementia, or _insert_sinister_scary_thing_here. It was used, along with a finger pointed at Obama in case anyone couldn't figure out who McCain was talking about. But oh no, it must have some sinister, read "racist", message to it... Give me a break!

Just as the MSM pushed Bush into the White House, they've got their heels on Obama's backside and are propelling him forward. I'm glad I don't look to the networks, CNN, or the New York Times for news any more, because it can't be found from those infomedia outlets. All you find there is Obama spin.

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