Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell Being Used

It is sad to see someone who used to be a respected man allow himself to be used as a cheap gimmick in a political campaign. But Colin Powell has sold out, and allowed Obama to roll out his "endorsement" as an attempt to divert attention from the jaw-dropping greed of his fundraising campaign and the unrelenting flood of Obama propaganda bombarding us through TV, radio, print, and the internet.

He also doesn't want people to notice that he continues to slip in the polls.

It's a standard tactic for him. Hillary trounces him in a primary and next morning he has that fool, John Edwards, endorsing him. Hillary blows him out of the water in a primary, and he finds another Democrat to stab her in the back before the voters have made it home from polling places.

The Liberals were in full whine mode when McCain chose Palin, screaming he is using her, how can she let herself be trotted out as a trick pony, yada yada...

Where is the outcry over the laying low of Colin Powell's reputation?

And did anyone doubt that Powell would not thrown his support behind the first African-American candidate?

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Antique Girl said...

I agree 100%. Any respect I ever have for Collin Powell just went out the window. I feel he should have just kept quit. By coming out and backing Obama, makes me wonder if he was ever really on the side of American and our troops. I also feel being African-American is a big part of his backing. If the big liberal News media would not put such a spin on it, it would maybe just go away with time. I have the bipartisan News Media really come to Mc Cains aid.