Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dangerous People, Those Obots...

My best friend at work is a lifelong Republican, who votes Democratic in the local elections. She has always had yard signs for elections, some Republican, some Democrat. This year is no different. Dem signs for locals and a McCain/Palin sign she put up this weekend. Within the first day, three people drove by and flipped her the bird while she was outside. Yesterday, someone rolled down their window and called her a f#@king racist and flipped her off.

We hear of other McCain/Palin yard signs torched, cars vandalized with KKK scratched on them, and people who have traditionally put up yard signs, fearing for the safety of their home and families, and forgoing their right to free speech this year.

Where is the leadership from the top of the Dem ticket as these things happen across the country? Or from ANYONE in the Dem party? No calls for people to be civil and respect the rights of those who are voting for a different candidate. Today, Obama supporters in Colorado tried to block Palin's motorcade with their bodies. Emails are going out encouraging people to run the Straight Talk Express of the road. Yesterday it received paintball and bb damage.

The threat of terrible violence to come hangs over us all, should the 600 million dollar man fail to win in 2 weeks. Many people won't talk about who they are supporting. They are lying to pollsters, to their neighbors, to their friends and family.

The atmosphere in my very liberal workplace is harshly anti-Republican. This is an ugly, ugly race, and it is not coming from the Republican side.

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