Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dangerous Silence from Obama

Heidi Li wrote a concise post on her blog, aptly titled "Senator Obama, your silence is dangerous and unforgivable". Here is an excerpt from this short article, that is worth reading in its entirety.

...if you fail to speak to this event, as you have failed each and every day for months to acknowledge that you have been the beneficiary of misogyny and sexism and as you have failed each and every day to even acknowledge the rampancy of these ills in our body politic, the advisers, supporters and surrogates I have named - and those who I have not - should rescind their support of your candidacy and refuse to continue to aid your election and announce that they will not accept a position in the administration of a President who does not speak out against the virulent and pervasive hatred of women that has arisen anew in a year when two women have stood a serious chance of serving as President or Vice-President of our country.

This is one of the many reasons I will never support Obama. He showed no leadership when Hillary was being skewered. A sentence from him, that he didn't want that level of personal attack waged on his behalf, would have put an end to the media's and the DNC's complicity in it. But he remained silent, and silence was taken, rightly, to mean assent.

When someone at a McCain rally made a derogatory personal comment about Obama, McCain admonished them to stop, saying Obama was a good man, a family man.

I want my President to be the one who cuts off the hate, not turns a winking eye to it.

Update: The West Hollywood homeowner has agreed to take down the lynched effigy of Palin. A hearty thank you to the sheriff who spent an hour convincing him to do just that.

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