Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Obama said he was never present in church when Wright preached against America, Jews, and whites.

Now he says he "didn't know" about Ayres background as a domestic terrorist when he launched his political career, and a long financial and political alliance, with the guy, *from Ayre's living room* in 1995. A Chicago politician not knowing the history of someone like Ayres? Pulleeassee.

His camp says well he was 8 years old when Ayres was blowing up buildings, but he was a grown man when he became political partners with him.

I don't believe the spin for a moment. I think it just worked so well with Wright that he's recycled it in hopes his minions will buy it again this time. And they have. You see them on the news today regurgitating that "he was 8 years old" line like it is proof positive that their guy was as naive and clueless in 1995 as he was when he was 8. Well, okay maybe I believe that after all!

It follows, of course, that he probably also didn't realize he was breaking U.S. law when he campaigned in Kenya, on taxpayer dollars, for Odinga, his genocide-fomenting cousin.

I just got an email from David Plouffee, cackling with glee over their impotent lies about John McCain from yesterday and warning the faithful about a "major offensive" "that McCain is about to launch, filled with distortions, personal attacks, and flat-out lies about Barack."

I guess in Obamaland it's okay for Barack (we Dems get to call him Barack) to lie about John (I guess we get to call him John...). Because we can always say hey, we didn't know it wasn't true and that makes it okay, right?

Scroll down and read my last entry on what John McCain says about the way legitimate and unanswered questions about Obama get labeled as attacks which he then refuses to answer.

There is a reason so many people say they still don't know who Obama is and that is because the mirage he painted from his books and the media adoration continues to obscure this ruthless man's history and record. Those who try to shed light on it are harassed and ridiculed while those who softly focus the lens of the cult of personality on him are embraced.

It's the scariest thing I have ever seen.

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