Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Fashion Police and Other Dem Nonsense

Joltin' Joe underlines Obama's weakness as a potential commander in chief, and the Dems and the liberal media go into a spasm over Palin's clothes!

What brass, to whine that the McCain campaign spent $150,000 of its own money on outfitting the dynamic, crowd-drawing, poll-raising Sarah Palin!

Once again, a fetish for what a woman wears, what it cost befuddles the MSM, and big issues like Obama's plans to force campaign contributions out of the media to attend his "victory party" on November 4 are ignored.

Charging the media? What kind of far-left nonsense is that? Forced campaign contributions from 15 reporters at $1K a head (you can pay less but get stuck outside on a riser behind speakers...) and he's raised the money the McCain campaign is investing in its best asset.

That troubles me far more than providing clothes that she can wear onstage during this non-stop, multi-event per day campaign event schedule she is immersed in.

The Obama campaign is awash in money, raising obscene amounts, and the media frets over $150k? I've just gotten YET ANOTHER email from David Plouffe, whining that McCain is being "disrespectful" and asking me for money.

Geez, Dave. Isn't $605 million enough? If my $5 is all it takes to soothe Obama's outrage, you can just go pull a few grand out of the war chest and sprinkle it over his head. Maybe that will do the trick.

Your candidate's greed is stomach-turning to behold.

It disgusts me that once again a woman's clothes, hair, and make-up is the focus instead of the real issues she is raising, like Obama passing over the best qualified VP - a woman - and choosing Joltin' Joe to send out to remind us all of why Obama isn't fit for the job he seeks.

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