Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.

Riverdaughter explains the obvious, "discrimination, disrespect, misogyny directed towards Sarah Palin is really discrimination, disrespect, misogyny on all women. It’s just delivered by proxy."

As it was toward Hillary Clinton, when she was vilified during her presidential campaign, and her party stood by silently while she was trashed.

And Geraldine Ferraro, when the Democratic party and most everyone else stood by and let her be labelled a racist.

Until women respect themselves enough to realize that they don't need to tear another woman down to build themselves up, we will remain divided and powerless.

We need to stand up and speak up every time we see sexism and misogyny at work. You can hate her politics, but if you are laughing at a lynched manikin made up to look like Palin, you need to examine your soul.

Patriarchy is reinforced every time a woman undercuts another woman.

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