Friday, October 24, 2008

Join Team Sarah

Join Janine Turner and other women at Team Sarah and visit me at the Upstate New York page.

I have been accused of "voting vaginas" by Democratic friends who think abortion is the only issue women should care about. I don't share that narrow perspective. Women are the majority in this country, but the makeup of our government does not reflect it. Only two women have EVER been on the ticket in the general election. Why aren't women outraged by being cut out of our rightful place in government?

My candidate, Hillary Clinton, had the nomination stolen from her by corrupt DNC leaders who wanted to push their weak and inexperienced choice down our throats. They said we had nowhere to go and firmly believed we'd "come home" to the Party come November.

Guess again!

John McCain gave us another place to go, and Sarah Palin herself has proven to me that she is worth supporting. I don't agree with all of her opinions, but I want to see a woman in one of the top two jobs during my lifetime. It's way past due!

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