Thursday, October 2, 2008

More of why I won't support Obama's corrupt campaign

Obama has bought a station on Dish Network that plays his stump speech on a loop. His campaign is sweeping through bars and homeless shelters, looking for the drunk and the homeless to register them to vote and getting them to vote on the very same day in early vote states.

The outrage du jour is Gwen Ifill "moderating" the VP debate when the success of her new book (The Age of Obama, slated for release on what she hopes is Obama's inauguration day) relies on the outcome of the election. And, of course, the wall of denial that this is a conflict of interest, because she is a "professional" and can be objective. Honestly, does anyone who doesn't support Obama BUY THAT?

Palin could turn in the performance of all time tonight, and it will be dissected, twisted, and reshaped into "proof" of her lack of experience. Biden has only to keep his mouth shut and keep breathing and he will be crowned the "winner".

I read yesterday that this is the last hurrah of what used to be an honored profession - mainstream journalism. Gone are the days when news = objectivity, because what passes for news these days is a bunch of opinions, and the Liberal bias has demonstrably slanted this election toward Obama for two years. It is a stunning realization when one has to turn to FOX News to find out the TRUTH of something...

There are so many people swept up in the insular mirage of this magical "change" Obama is going to orchestrate. Along with that tunnel vision is how totally indoctrinated his supporters are in the culture of fear. They are so obsessed with being right that some of the ones I know turn on friends and family and willingly sacrifice relationships on the altar of Obama because they BELIEVE they are right and the rest of us are seriously, dangerously, stupidly wrong - and - of course closet racists.

It is the same environment as when Bush was sending us to invade Iraq. Half of the country thought it was a huge mistake, but we were bludgeoned into silence with cries that we were not patriotic, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, yada yada.

Now, the cry is racist, out of touch, not grasping what is at stake. Yet if I try to explain how I know what is at stake, and it is the heart and soul of what the Democratic Party used to stand for, well hell, I'm just a racist.

We do indeed live in the (r)age of Obama and it is a frightening place to behold.

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