Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin/Biden VP Debate

For only the second time in U.S. history - that's over 200 years folks - a woman was on the stage for the VP debate. She did more for women last night than Biden has done for us in 35 years in the Senate, because she embodied that women should and must take our places in government. For any young woman watching last night Palin, as Clinton did during her campaign, showed that women can make it on the big stage, that it is a goal any woman can aspire to reach.

For someone so new to the national political stage, she did a credible job. Putting aside the questions about her personal beliefs, she is a role model for all women, if they could but see the big picture instead of their own small one.

Sadly, many women will be vilifying her today, because that is what women have been socialized to do in this country. We tear down our own and waste our support on men who have no conception of what our lives are about, and who will promise anything to get our vote, knowing there is absolutely no imperative to act because there are no consequences from women if they don't.

Women make up the majority in this country and we still accept second class status. We still send men to represent us rather than support women candidates. I've heard women dismiss that as "voting vaginas", which trivializes the stark reality that we have NEVER had a woman elected as President or VP. That women aren't up in arms about this injustice tells us everything we need to know about how completely cowed we are in supporting the status quo. So cowed we don't even see it.

Good job, Governor, and thank you for being the lone bright spot in a dismal general election.

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Claudia said...

Decided to click on link to your blog from NWP - a nice write-up on last night's debate even if you didn't nail your 'spatial preposition'. (It's debatable whether she's right, btw.)
Noticed that you list "Women Who Run With Wolves" on your book list - this is one of my all time favorite - life-changing books!