Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Suffragettes Would Be Sad to See Nothing Had Changed

As election day nears, the unbelievably hateful rhetoric against Sarah Palin gets thicker and more disgusting. Shirts proudly worn by Democrats that say "Sarah Palin is a C*#t".

Shades of Hillary nutcrackers.

And the vast majority of this country doesn't care. You don't have to like her politics to be horrified by the violence and ugliness directed toward her.

When it was being shoveled on Hillary, I became a Hillary supporter, because I cannot stand to see women treated like this. There is nothing even remotely close to this kind of rhetoric that happens against men.

But there is no outcry. I guess she "had it coming", eh?

Where are women, who should realize that, but for fate, this could be them. Or their sister. Mother. Niece. Aunt. Friend.

They are laughing right along with the men who STILL do not get why labeling women as whores is not okay. So they will continue using ugly words about women's body parts, because there is no backlash loud enough to stop it.

20 years ago I took a class at Cornell on misogyny and sexism, and I am sorry to say, nothing has changed. Women still don't support other women. They laugh at sexist jokes. They vote for unqualified men over qualified women because "he's cute".

My party condoned it when it came down on Hillary, and it is leading the charge in bashing Palin, whose big crime is being a Republican, but she is really getting terrorized because she IS A WOMAN.

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