Friday, November 21, 2008

End it now!

Look what crawled out from under the rock... and how to stomp on it. Tricia points us toward groups working to see that the woman-hate of the past election is eradicated.

Campaign for Gender Equality

and a petition worth signing on Women Count

We can't afford to let this crucial subject fade from the public mind and our national dialogue. Let's this be the last year women are ridiculed for their looks, voices, clothes, and hair, rather than being judged on their policies, experience, and resumes!

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Anonymous said...

Right on target. The time is NOW.
I hope all of your readers will sign the Presidential Commission on Women petition and sent it to their email list. to sign the petition. Thanks for your post.

John Kennedy's Presidential Commission on the Status of Women with Eleanor Roosevelt at the helm, brought about many changes in the law that helped move women forward. It is time again to focus on how women are treated in this country, even the ones that "go for the gold".